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Payment & Shipping


  • An account has to be created using your email address and entering shipping details Only physical addresses only. no PO BOXES. Currently South Africa deliveries only.
  • Selected items been purchased, provided it is in stock follow prompts
  • A confirmation email will be sent for Direct EFT or via payment gateway PAYFAST.
  • Once payment has been received a confirmation email will be sent and order will be processed
  • Tracking will be supplied once the Courier company has been notified.
  • Delivery of items is dependent on Location cities 2-3 Days – Rural 5-10 Days.
  • We are not responsible for items in transit it is advised that insurance is added to a product purchase.


Collections – Future Location – Coming Soon.

Returns exchanges and warranties


Returns/Credit/Refunds are only excepted if the following criteria have been met.


  • Returns will only be excepted within the 7 days after invoicing provided that confirmation has been sent within the 7 day window period.
  • Provided the packaging is still intact and the seals have not been broken. Unopened and Undamaged. We will not accept if the packaging has been tampered with.
  • A 25% Handling fee will charged if after 7 day period even if the item is sealed. Provided that correspondence has been sent as this will act as hold on the 7 day window period.
  • Opened items will not be refunded or credited. We will look case by case scenario if a component I missing. This will be at the Managements discretion.
  • Software cannot be returned as this comprises the activation Key.
  • Consumables cannot be Toners , waste toners.
  • Returns will only be excepted within the 7 days after invoicing provided that confirmation has been sent within the 7 day window period. The package must be sealed and undamaged.
  • Refunds: Opened products still in working order will not be refunded under any circumstances. Check the product for damage before accepting and signing for it. Check the product specifications and whether or not it satisfies your specific requirements before you purchase.
  • Motherboards: – Motherboard socket damage/bent pins will void the warranty. Even if motherboard DOA arrived dead in the box and the socket then gets damaged afterward, the warranty will still be void.When returning a motherboard please remember to install the provided plastic CPU socket protector and place the motherboard inside an anti-static bag inside the product box with manuals. You will be advised once the team has checked components.
  • Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH will not be held responsible or liable if incorrect items have been ordered. Please check before ordering. The most common problems will be RAM for notebooks and Desktops. A handling fee will be charged for incorrect ordering if opened or seal is broken.



  • Most products carry 1 year to 5 warranty local warranty. Dependent on the manufacturer.
  • Take care when installing components please make sure properly earthed as static electricity can damage components.
  • Physical Damage of any kind is not covered by the warranty. Physical Damage and Liquid damage will void the warranty.
  • Please enquire if you not sure if components are for the correct slot or Socket. Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH will not be held responsible or liable if incorrect items have been ordered.
  • International Warranty might not be the same so please check with us. Also, Check the invoice date.
  • Remove components carefully from the packaging. Cables can be cut or damaged
  • Removal of Heatsinks on Graphics cards can be void if found to cause damage to display Card.
  • Removal of Motherboard Heatsinks will also void the warranty. Physical Damage to the CPU socket and SLI – Buses. Liquid cooling is done at your own risk. Water damaged components are not covered by warranty.
  • Lighting or “Act of God “ and electric surge are not covered by the warranty. Incorrect power voltage will void the warranty.
  • Keyboard, mice, headsets, and controllers can wear over time due to stress on parts such as cable wear ,keys losing characters. Buttons no longer clicking right or abuse to the input device. Case by case will be looked before issue warranty claim.
  • Alteration /Modification to items or devices like serial numbers screws warranty information will void the warranty. Do not attempt to repair the product if faulty. If any evidence was found that the product was tampered with the warranty will be void.
  • Please email to start the warranty process please ensure that keep copies of invoicing (Proof of Purchase) for references as well as product boxes with materials and components to resolve the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Make sure the serial number is on the product. If items not with the product mentioned above items will be void. Incomplete product lists cannot be sent into vendors for RMA.
  • Once all criteria have been met the items that are not damaged and all components have been returned in box, RMA process will continue. Under no circumstances will warranties be refunded if over 7-day invoice date provide that email confirmation is sent.
  • Please note there is a specific time period per vendor when assessing faulty items. Replacement can take between 7 to 14 days business days only as this excludes public holidays and weekends. If any item can not be replaced a substitute will be sourced with the same specifications. Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH does not issue loan units during RMA process.
  • Faulty Branded Notebooks / Desktops with fetch and repair or on-site warranty will require customers to contact the relevant vendor/agent. Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH Can assist with RMA and warranty. Process.
  • Please Note Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH is not responsible for data loss and that is the responsibility of the customer to back up their data.
  • Data loss is not covered if by warranty if caused by virus and crypto lock infections. Be sure to purchase antivirus or security software to prevent viral attacks.
  • The warranty period for replacement items is only for the original invoiced item. The date of purchase still stands for the original item.
  • “Lifetimes warranties” are valid for the lifetime of the product only. This only is valid for the lifetime the product been manufactured.
  • All shipping costs will be up to the customer if a product turns out not to be faulty or no longer under warranty.
  • Regarding Apple products, Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH cannot guarantee that components will be compatible. Please check the specifications.
  • All Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH systems are based on Windows /Microsoft Architecture Hardware and Software drivers.
  • The nature of Audio quality on devices will be tested on speakers and headsets. This can be placed on human specifications like the use of software such as codecs or input devices. A replacement can only be done if audio quality is affected by a popped speaker, one side only playing.
  • Wifi Reception can be influenced by interference of other radio frequencies, the distance of range extenders. EMI (electronic magnetic interference.) from electrical wiring. wall thickness. May other factors come into play when using wireless. Please check product descriptions with regards to the placement of Access points and wireless devices. Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH can not be held responsible or Liable where these devices are placed on-premises or residence.
  • Overclocking of hardware. This is done at the Customer’s own risk. Cyabrain System Services / CYBRATECH will not be held liable or responsible for the use of overlocking methods including the use of software not used by the manufacturer. Use 3rd party software or hacks can void the warranty of Hardware. VRM on Motherboards and Graphics cards can be damaged by prolonged stresses. Crypto mining and extreme heat can cause damage to components even physical. This can void the warranty if found to cause the fault.
  • SSD – Solid-State Harddrive – No moving parts. Warranty on Write threshold is determined how much data is written is the threshold is exceeded. Warranty of SSD can be void. Please make use of Manufacture software to monitor the health of SSD.
  • UPS – uninterruptable power supply. Please note this is not an invertor but a prevention unit for monitors and desktops to allow users 5 to 10 minutes to save work and shut down safely. These are batteries.